Monday, November 14, 2016

How to Give More Time to God!

I work sun up to sun down most days, I mean sleeping in for me is 6:45 haha.. A lot of times, I don't catch a break through out the day, between my son not napping and trying to help keep the house clean. So at night when the kids lay down is when I catch my showers, my blogging, my study time with God, and my relax for five minutes before I go to bed! Which is usually around 9:30, if not earlier.
How can we make more time for God? Honestly, a lot of it is managing our time better, but lets try to figure it out together!

1. Pray throughout the day, even if you're constantly going! You have tons of appointments that day, oh man we have no time for anything else! Wrong! We can pray whenever we want to! Pray over your trip from point A to point B. Talk to God about the traffic and what you're going to be doing, even if it's out loud so your kids can hear you too! The sooner we teach them to pray and talk to God, the sooner they do it and the easier it is for them!

2. When you eat, read! When you sit down to eat, even if you have an infant to feed, read, read, read! If you can play on your phone while you're at the table, then you can sit there and read the bible to yourself and your child or children. You don't know where to read? Just open your bible close your eyes, use your finger pick a verse and go from there! Or you could go to Proverbs or Psalm and read them! I personally love those books! The more we read, the more we grow as Christians and the more we understand!

3. When you're not talking, sing praises! Praise music is so easy to learn and memorize, pick some of your favorite Gospel music, download it onto a CD and listen to it on your DVD player in the living room, where you can hear it, no matter where you're at in the house! Teach your children the songs and soon they'll be singing with you! Yes, it's fun, it's a good way to teach your children good songs, and you learn new songs yourself all while making time for God because as we are singing we are giving our time to Him!

4. Make time in your schedule for prayer, have your kids join you! Get on your knees, or sit together touching in some way, and pray together as a family, teach them young how to pray like they need to! Make time for you and God too! Turn off all distractions, phone, TV, radio, etc. and just pour your heart and soul out to God, talk to Him about the things that are going on in your life. Your fears, your praises, everything!

5. Constantly praise God for what He's given you. This is different from singing, this is literally walking around through out the day and thanking God for what He's done. Oh! There's not as much laundry?! Thank you Jesus! It's not hard at all and do it verbally, where kids can hear you too and like I've said, they'll catch on and they'll start praising their Lord and Savior like they're supposed to!

Be the example for your children, your wife or anyone else in your house hold. That's what God wants you to do! No more excuses, find ways to give God your time, I know it's hard, but it is doable, like I said it's all about time management and if you do it right, you'll be giving God more time than you thought you had and He will bless you for such thing!

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  1. Good read pumpkin; reading God's Word to your children, even as young as they are, is another good way to get into His Word, and it's NEVER to early to get them started in reading His Word every day!